Questions fréquemment posées


Is the cantaloupe in my box part of the recent recall?

We confirm that the cantaloupe that we send is not from any of the brands that have been recalled. Ours are generally from a brand called Kandy or Classic. Nonetheless, irrespective of the brand, they will be completely safe. Else we will surely not put them in your box.

Our vendors, who are importing the cantaloupes, have taken necessary measures required to assure safety, and have clearances for the product from Health Canada and CFIA. The product from them is sold in the market because it is free from contamination.

That being said, we also offer substitutions and you can sub out cantaloupe if you do not want it. Find more details about how to request substitutions below.

What sort of produce do you source and from where?

We source fresh fruits and vegetables that are great to eat but are thrown away due to their imperfect appearance or surplus. Think of an apple orchard that picks their harvest in the fall and stores all of their apples in a cooler. They sort and grade through the product as they sell and, in the process, accumulate volume of apples that don't meet strict cosmetic standards of retail stores. This could be sizing, shape, symmetry, discolouration or scarring. This is where Odd Bunch steps in to source at a fair price and pass it on to you for the most impact possible. We work with a number of farms, greenhouses and distributors in Ontario and Quebec to procure produce all year round.

What comes in a harvest?

Each week we seek out a big variety of fruits and vegetables that may be either imperfect in appearance or surplus in nature! We do this through our network of growers such as farmers and greenhouses as well as some distributors. With Odd Bunch, you choose from 7 different preset boxes depending on how much produce you are looking for. As the produce market is volatile, selections vary week to week, however, you can count of getting your staples like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers more often than not.
As a standard practice, we suggest washing the items before consuming them.

We update our harvest between 12 pm and 1 pm on Mondays for the upcoming week, so you're able to choose your preferred box by the Tuesday 11:59pm deadline.

Can I customize my harvest?

You are unable to customize the items in each box and there is one main reason for this. The items that make up a box are curated carefully to maximize the amount of food waste recovery we can do in any given week. This means that you can be sure that your box diverted at least 10-15 pounds of food from being wasted or, in the best case, sold for pennies. With that being said, if you have allergies or picky eaters, we get it, we don't want you to waste either so you are able to make 1 free substitution from within the box, each week. Not a fan of Potatoes, switch them for Carrots instead. Odd Bunch is a great way to discover fruits and vegetables that you wouldn't buy at the grocery store -- we'll even include some recipes to inspire your inner masterchef! Still looking for customization AND you still want to support the zero-waste mission? Check out our parent company, FoodFund

Do I have to get the box weekly?

All deliveries are scheduled automatically for every one week unless you decide to skip the week or have the frequency updated.

Odd Bunch is a purely no contract and commitment subscription service meaning that there will never be a fee or penalty to skip a week or cancel altogether as long as you do it before the Tuesday 11:59 pm deadline for the upcoming week.

How do I skip the box or update the frequency of deliveries?

You may skip orders by follwoing the steps below:

Log into your account
Click ‘Manage Subscription’
Click ‘Manage Upcoming Orders’
Click ‘Skip Order’ for the corresponding delivery date/week
If it changes to say ‘Resume Order’, it was skipped correctly

This can be done up to 7 weeks in advance but must be done by the Tuesday
11:59pm deadline for the upcoming week.

If you want us to do it for you, please email us by Tuesday 5 pm.

If you would like to update your schedule to bi-weekly, monthly, etc., please let us know and we can implement this for you! You may share the preferred frequency and the week that you would want your next order.

Unless you skip the box within the deadline, you will get the order for that week.

Signing Up

Is there any commitment? 

Nope! We understand that things come up. Whether you go on vacation for a week or move to another city permanently, there’s no commitment. If you need to skip a week, simply click “Skip Order” in your "Manage Subscriptions" before our Tuesday night 11:59 PM order deadline. If you need to cancel, you can do so through the "Manage Subscriptions" page!

Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes, as long as you cancel before the Tuesday 11:59 pm order deadline you won’t be charged for the box! If you feel there was something wrong with a previous box or an issue with the service, we would love the chance to make it right before you decide to cancel.

Note that the initial order (first order from the subscription) can be refunded only in the form of credits, that is they can only be rescheduled.

How often do I receive deliveries? 

Deliveries are scheduled weekly however, Odd Bunch is a purely no contract and commitment service meaning that there will never be a fee or penalty to skip a week or cancel altogether. If you do forget to skip, we understand and are happy to work with you on that by accommodating for late requests.

We also offer biweekly scheduling and, for that matter, you can also request for once in three weeks or four weeks if that works better. At all times, you can manage your delivery schedule through your dashboard

Do you have a referral program? 

Yes, we do! Once you sign up for Odd Bunch, keep an eye out for an email with your referral link. You can share this with friends and family to earn 20% off for every successful referral.

Your Delivery

Where do you deliver?

Check if we deliver to your area here by entering your area postal code without any spaces.

When do you deliver?

All deliveries are typically made between 12PM and 8PM. The exact time of delivery cannot be specified as it depends completely on where you live in relation to everyone else that is getting a delivery in your neighbourhood. Our delivery team will provide you with the most accurate delivery window possible on the day of delivery if we have the correct cell phone number on file! We will ring the doorbell or knock to deliver the box unless requested otherwise. 

Do I have to be home to accept the delivery?

No! We understand that your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted waiting for the box to arrive if you have other things to do! Nonetheless, if you are able to stay home, it makes it easier for our drivers to deliver you the box and ensure the produce is fresh! If you would like, you can leave a cooler outside to keep the box fresh too. 

Do you deliver to apartments?

Yes, we deliver to apartments as long as you are able to provide us with all the necessary information to complete a successfully delivery. This includes apartment or unit number as well as buzzer number or entry code where applicable. If you have other delivery instructions, you can add them to your account in Address Line 2, once you sign in and click "Manage Subscription". If we are unable to connect with you on delivery day to gain access to your building, the delivery will be made to the intercom or lobby area and a proof of delivery will be sent to you. We do not take responsibility of any box theft that occurs as a result and encourage you to collect your box promptly after the delivery is made. 

We request you to make sure that that the address entered by you in complete and correct with all the necessary information. If you would like to make any changes to it, make sure to do it before the Tuesday 11:59 pm deadline, or email us by 5pm on Tuesday.

What day is my delivery?

All orders after the initial order are processed on Wednesdays and deliveries happen from Wednesday to Saturday. You can find the delivery day in your area here.
If you have ordered the box before the Tuesday 11:59 pm deadline, you will get
it in the same week or it will be moved to the next week.

Why is my order showing as Fulfilled even when it has not been delivered yet?

By default, all the orders say Fulfilled to avoid confusion as all of them after the first order are processed on Wednesday and are delivered between Wednesday and Saturday.

If you have any further questions or concerns,
please feel free to reach out to us on

Will I get a notification after the box has been delivered?

We generally send end of delivery notifications only when we are delivering the box away from the door of the house/apartment and not for every delivery.

That being said, if you want you may email us to enable end of delivery notifications for you. Our team can then notifiy you post delivery, either by call or text, as per your preference.

What's in the Box?

How will I know what's coming?

We update “This Week’s Harvest” for each box on our website every Monday between 12 pm and 1 pm, so you know what to expect in your box that week.

How do I request Substitutions?

The menu for the week is updated between 12 pm to 1 pm, every week on Monday.
You may click here and then click on the box that applies to you. Please click on the drop-down to see the items for the week and then, click here to send your substitution requests. You may do so by 5 pm on the day before the day of the delivery.

We would request you to share the substitution requests with us every week as the menu keeps on changing.


For all boxes – One substitution from the same box is absolutely free.

For all boxes – Second substitution from the same box will be $0.99 extra per additional substitution.

For all boxes – Any substitution from an equal or higher value box other than your own box will be $1.99 per item, even if it is the first substitution.

For certain items that may not be present in any of the produce boxes, the prices may be different from the ones listed above.

Note that substitutions sent via email will no longer be valid.

Is your produce organic? 

We offer 2 fully organic produce boxes (Small & Medium) along with our conventional line of boxes (Mixed, All Fruit and All Veggie). If available in surplus, you may find organic items in the conventional boxes from time to time.

Is it locally grown year round? 

In Canada, even in the most agriculturally fertile areas, only limited fruits and vegetables are available local year round. We try our best to source local fruits and vegetables for as long as possible, however during the colder months we source from distributors so that we can provide this box to you all year round. 

Can I get other groceries with my harvest?

As of right now, we only offer fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in other groceries along with fresh produce, head over to FoodFund to build your zero-waste, customized grocery order.

Can I change the box in my Subscription?

Yes, of course you can!

Here are the steps for switching your subscription:

Log into your account
Click ‘Manage Subscription’
Click ‘Products in your Subscription'
Click ‘Swap’ and choose the box you wish to switch to
Finish by clicking 'Save Changes'

This must be done by the Tuesday 11:59pm deadline for the upcoming week for it to reflect in the same week.

What do I do if my box has missing, spoilt or damaged items?

Odd bunch is all about misshapen produce! So while the produce may not be aesthetically pleasing, we are committed towards providing good quality items. As we are dealing with perishable/fragile items, sometimes things may go beyond our control though. In such cases you may report to us with images, within 24 hours of delivery and we promise that we will refund you accordingly, post checking.

In case of missing/different items, you may check the list of items under 'This Week's Harvest' drop-down after you click on the box that you have on this page. If you think that something is not correct, do let us know within 24 hours of delivery for that as well and we promise to make it right!

What Happens Next?

 When do I get billed?

When you place an order for the first time, you will be charged as soon as the order is placed. For every order after your first, you will be charged every Wednesday for that week's delivery (Wednesday to Saturday, depending on your area).

What is your billing process like?

All of our orders go through our online website through a Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit. All of your information is kept completely private, encrypted, and safe with our secured bank level system. Our payment processing system is called Stripe (, which is used by major companies such as Adidas, Under Armour, Best Buy, Target, Airbnb and more!

Can I skip deliveries or place a hold? 

Of course! Like we said, commitments are scary. If you're going out of town or just want to take a break, you can easily place a delivery hold by logging on and clicking skip deliveries! Please be sure to skip your delivery or make change by the Tuesday 11:59pm order cutoff, which you'll see in your account area and during signup! 

What are the deadlines till when I can make changes?

A a general rule if you want the changes to reflect in the upcoming week, the deadline is Tuesday 11:59 pm to make the changes yourself.

If are emails us, make sure that you do reach out before 5 pm on Tuesday.

For susbtitutions, you may request them by 5 pm on the day before the delivery day in your area.

We will honor all the changes made before the deadlines, but making the changes before hand will be much appreciated.

What happens to my cardboard box?

Food safety guidelines don’t allow us to reuse boxes however, please feel free to recycle them using your blue bin! 

I have a cool partnership opportunity!

We would love to hear about it! Send us an email about it: